I am very excited to announce that The Craftsman Bungalow has been hand-picked as one of ten blogs to contribute content for the inaugural launch of Tinker Nation – a new website that will feature “content celebrating the spirit and heritage of Do-It-Yourself projects.  Instead of just focusing on the “how to”, TinkerNation’s content will spotlight the people who are tinkering around the country, while exploring the “why” behind their motivation to create, build, restore, tinker and repair.

I’ll be contributing 3 posts, the first of which will be published on TinkerNation.com sometime in May.  Tinker Nation is also be presenting each blogger with a $500 stipend to be used in financing the content about which each of us is writing.  I have to chosen to use the money to travel to Pasadena, California to attend the Greene & Greene: Arroyo’s Edge Home Tour later this month!

You may recall that  I recently toured The Gamble House, one of Greene & Greene’s “Ultimate Bungalows”.  While this event is sponsored by The Gamble House, it is something entirely different and will provide:

“a rare opportunity to visit six privately-owned properties designed by Charles and Henry Greene between 1902 and 1915. Featuring acclaimed architectural features and design by the masters of the American Arts & Crafts movement, the five private homes and one private garden will be open for touring along Arroyo Terrace and North Grand Avenue in Pasadena, all within easy walking distance of The Gamble House.”

Gamble House Press Release

I’ll definitely be letting you know when the site officially goes live.  My posts will first be featured on TinkerNation, and I’ll provide links when they’re available.

But don’t worry, while this is all going on I’ll still be regularly posting new content here on The Craftsman Bungalow that’s not related to the TinkerNation project, so…