It’s a new year, and in an effort to get the word out about The Craftsman Bungalow (TCB), we have officially started a Facebook page.  You may have already noticed the new Facebook  image buttons on all TCB posts (see the one at the top of this post?), and now, after tinkering with it over much of the holidays, I finally figured out how to enable Facebook commenting as well.  Now you can comment on all TCB posts and articles using your Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail account.

Also, all of the pictures that you see in articles on TCB have been uploaded to our Facebook page.  So now when you click on a picture, it will take you to that specific photo album on our Facebook page and you can see them full size and in higher resolution.

It’s also now easier to keep up with new posts from TCB.  Just “Like Us” on Facebook by clicking on any of the image buttons (found at the top of each post) and you’ll get notification via your Facebook news feed when anything new gets posted on TCB.

It’s that simple!