I haven’t been too active on Craigslist in the past few months – it hasn’t been for a lacking of looking – but rather because I haven’t seen anything that really spoke to me.  But late last week I came across a gorgeous prairie-style chair that I absolutely had to have.  Just like the Stickley nightstand I bought in February, this was a piece that we didn’t really need and don’t really have a spot for, but it was just too good to pass up…

The chair is the Prairie Chair HS0052 made by Warren Hile Studio in Sierra Madre, California.  The Hile Studio is well-known in the Arts & Crafts community for their artisan craftsmanship and attention to detail, and their furniture and custom cabinetry can be found in some of the finest hotels and private homes across the country.  Above is a picture of the chair from their catalog, and below is the chair as it now sits in our living room.

The woman I bought it from had originally purchased the chair over 10 years ago, so it shows some minor wear on the leather cushions and there’s a tiny nick on the left arm, but aside from that it’s in tremendous condition.  It’s made of solid quarter-sawn white oak that has amazing grain with stunning medullary rays (flecks).

The chair is very similar to the Stickley Prairie Chair 89-416, except the Stickley version has paneled sides and back, where this one has square spindles.  We’re still playing around with whether or not to use the side cushions on a daily basis (see picture below), and I think we’re leaning toward not using them.  We love the way the light hits the spindles in the evening and it’s a very cool effect.  What do you think…??

The lower back corner bears the branded Warren Hile mark (below).

I’m absolutely thrilled to add this piece to our ever-growing collection, and we look forward to enjoying it for decades to come.

Do you own any Warren Hile pieces?  Or have you recently found something amazing on Craigslist or at an estate sale?  I love hearing stories like these, so drop me a line and spin me a yarn!

Happy Craigslist hunting!!